Style and Confidence

How we feel when we look in the mirror can have a real impact on how we relate to ourselves and others. Through building inner confidence and raising our self-worth we can begin to see our natural beauty. Combining this with knowledge of the shapes, styles and colours that look great on you can really elevate how you feel about yourself.


Whatever your age, being confident to dress in a way that reflects your natural style can bring a real boost. As an experienced style consultant and certified life coach I understand how sometimes we can be too critical of our bodies and may lack the confidence to go shopping and try on different styles. I can support and guide you towards feeling more positive and provide advice on how to shop for a wardrobe that you will truly love to wear.


Life changes such as having a baby, weight loss/gain, job promotion, going back to work after a break, divorce, ill health or retirement can also have an effect how we feel about ourselves.


Through this Style and Confidence programme my clients experience:

Life Coaching Sessions

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Increased body confidence
  • Ability to nurture yourself
  • Feeling worthy
  • Appreciating your own beauty

Wardrobe Styling

  • Discovering shapes, colours and styles that look great on you.
  • Advice on how to reorganise and declutter your wardrobe.
  • Learn how to coordinate outfits together.
  • Look at how different accessories can finish the look of your chosen outfit.

Personal Shopping

  • Have a wardrobe full of clothes you enjoy wearing.
  • Find a fun and relaxing way to shop.
  • Feel more confident to try new fashion trends or styles.
  • Save money from buy-clothes that don’t really suit you.

How it works

You can choose from the following two programmes:

6 hour programme:

  • 2 hours life coaching
  • 2 hours wardrobe styling
  • 2 hours shopping trip

12 hour programme:

  • 6 hours life coaching
  • 3 hours wardrobe styling
  • 3 hours shopping trip

Life Coaching

  • Each session lasts 50-60 mins.
  • Delivered online via Zoom or in-person.
  • Notes from each session are available and sent to you via email.

Wardrobe Styling

  • Lasts 2 or 3 hours depending on the programme you choose.
  • Initial style questionnaire sent via email prior to the session.
  • Wardrobe Styling can be online, or if you live in or around London and the South East can be in person.
  • You will receive a wardrobe review at the end of the styling.

Shopping Trip

  • Lasts 2 or 3 hours depending on the programme.
  • We can arrange to shop in Central London or online.
  • I will research the shops based on your wish list and budget before the shopping trip.

For further details on the styling services please go to my website